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Carpets Empire offer a wide range of floor covering. Once a customer has chosen a carpet from the showroom; the stock is opened and checked upon delivery by Simon and his team to ensure the carpet meets the customer's satisfaction prior to the flooring being fitted. This primary stage of the service provided is carried out within an industrial unit in close proximity of the showroom. The work room provided within the industrial unit allows us to check every piece of floor covering that is delivered to us for size and quality of the piece. The work space is also efficiently used for cutting up pieces of carpet; Hall, stairs and landings, for example, are cut to size where there is sometimes little space. Difficult shaped rooms are also cut to size and shape in order to prevent any damage to decorations. Once the flooring has been assessed and prepared, the team of fitters liase at the industrial unit and the job is carried out for the customer. A very hard-working, thorough and professional service is carried out at Carpets Empire from selecting the right carpet with the customer through to job completion.  

We also offer a service in which we will uplift your old flooring and dispose of it and help move the furniture within the room that is to have new carpet fitted.